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Change Your Home To Improve Your Health

If you are looking at buying a home this year or you are currently renting out a home or flat, there are always some changes you will want to make to the space to fit your needs and your style.

One of the main things which people never seem to think about is the impact that our living space can have on our health, and whether you live in a luxury condominiums, a small studio apartment or a townhouse, there are ways you can change and improve your Home to also improve your health.


Cover your mirror when not in use

This is a tip which can highly benefit your mental health and well-being. Having mirrors in the house is great if you need some illusion of space and light, however having a mirror in every room can make you look at yourself too much. When you look at your face and body multiple times throughout the day you are likely to pick at every little thing. This can make a huge impact on your mental health and it can make you feel inadequate. You can cover your mirror with a pretty tapestry when not in use to stop you over analyzing yourself each day.

If you’re prone to self-scrutiny and body-negative thoughts, this handy hack can help you keep your eyes (and your mind) off the mirror. “Studies show that persistent body-checking decreases overall self-esteem and can decrease motivation to follow through on healthy habits,” says Ellen.

Sit on a floor cushion

You might associate floor cushions with Buddhist temples, but they can actually be a great addition to your home. By subbing out your sofa or chair for a couple of floor cushions, you will be forced to sit with your back straight and with better posture. You will often get backache when slouching on your sofa looking at your computer screen, and you will notice a change in your posture because of it. Sitting straight on a floor cushion is wonderful and can be amazing.


Bring in the outdoors

Plants might seem like just a fun accessory to the home, however they can also be a great thing for you mental health and well-being. Plants have been shown to relax us in the home, and they also produce oxygen which can make us healthier by breathing in fresher air. Plants are a wonderful thing and you can benefit massively by having them in your home.

Let in the light

Natural light is great for us because it allows us to produce vitamin D, it keeps us happy and it also allows us to feel as if we live in a larger home than we might do. Make sure you bring enough light into the home this year because it will improve your health and mood by a huge mile and it will be amazing for everyone in the home.


Stay clean

Cleaning your home is crucial for a healthy life, because we need to elongate any bacteria and other germs lurking around the space. Make sure to clean your house from top to bottom every month or so to ensure that it is all clean and germ free.