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How to Find Your Perfect First Home

Buying your first home, and moving in with your partner, is both a scary and exciting time. There is so much to consider, and so many people are giving you advice about what to do, where to buy and how to go about it. Here is some advice for all first-time buyers to consider, both before, after, and during the house hunt. Read on to find out some tricks you need to know about, and some things that could help you to save money, or ensure that your first home is the perfect one for you.


There Is Never a Right Time to Buy

So many companies tell you that now is the time to buy, now or never, or perhaps that now is the lowest price you will get for years to come. Much of this is propaganda to get you to buy quickly. You can watch the market and see if there is a difference, but it is almost impossible to predict or fully take advantage of this.

Don’t be concerned with when might be the right time to buy, as you could be waiting forever. Finding a property you like or waiting until you are financially sound, are better reasons to wait around. Don’t get swept up in this, just do what’s right for you and your partner.


Get it Surveyed

Getting your property checked is always a good idea before you invest in it. No matter what the sellers might say, it’s best to be on the safe side. Spotting issues like damp, or structural problems can save you a lot and time and money in the long run. Although it might seem like a pain at the time, this is something worth investing in.

The same goes for knowing where the borders of your land lie. As well as the actual property, it’s good to know where, and how much land you actually have. This can help avoid some unpleasant conversations with the neighbors or other buyers and settle disputes quickly and peacefully. If you have plans to change or build on the land you buy, this is a great first step.

Work with People You Trust

It can be difficult to find people you trust, so it’s worth looking around for places to get a mortgage or even the builders that will do maintenance repairs in your house? Word of mouth can often be the best recommendation, so asking the locals can be a great option.


You can always do all your research online and shop around for the best deal for you. Look at reviews and other people’s experiences with companies like Altrua Financial, for example. Doing your research can help you know who to trust, and can help you get the best deal for you.

There is so much to consider when buying your first home, and these are just some suggestions that can help you find your perfect home. Don’t wait for the market, and hire professionals to help you make informed decisions about buying your first property.