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From Dull To Charming: Homes With A Creative Flare

Having a home that offers that little bit of creative flair is all you need. Half of the homeowners out there will admit that they’re just not happy with the home that they have, simply because they feel bored within it. But when you’re living inside the same four walls, without the money to keep switching and changing it, then how are you ever meant to get that creative flare going? Well, it’s most likely going to be a while since you did anything to your home, and it might be that you feel like you lack that creative flare to get things started. So this is where this brilliant article comes in. We’re going to try and turn your home from dull to charming, by sparking that interest in interior design that you might be missing at the minute. Some ideas are expensive; some ideas are super cheap and easy to implement. It all depends on how far you’re willing to go, and how much you’re willing to spend. So keep on reading, and turn your home from dull to charming.


Simple Design Changes & Additions

We wanted to start with the simple options first because we know not all of you will be willing to make some daring moves now we’re over halfway through the year, and creeping closer to Christmas. So there are some simple design changes and trends that you can use and follow, that will help you to fall in love with your home once again. So one of the main complaints that people have is that their home feels dull and lifeless. Yet one simple technique to bring a home to live, is focusing on white walls with a bright contrasting colour. A really nice contrast in colour is coral blue. It’s light and refreshing and goes well with grey furnishing, which is also really in at the minute. Or, keeping it even more simple, help bring your home to life with indoor plants. Another trend that’s still flourishing, and can literally be used in every single room in your home. All you need to do is find your local home store, and we guarantee you’ll find some plants to suit the space in your home.

Making A Big Move

For those of you who are truly fed up, you could go for the big move that you’ve been waiting for. But if you’re going to do so, you need to go for an area that has that creative community flare, as well as having the stunning home that you feel like you’re missing out on. Wigwam community is just one of the locations that we think will offer this. You need a fresh community vibe that’s going to bring your life some fun, because the home will follow suit with that!


Interior Design Expert

If you really feel like you’re struggling to bring your home to life, and the options that we’ve spoken about don’t suit you, then why not hire an interior design expert for the day. They can show you exactly what your home needs, what would suit it, and can turn your likes and dislikes into a beautiful home. Even if they just give you the inspiration and you run with it, all you need is those all important ideas!