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Is It Time To Downsize?

Your home can fulfill your life with many a past memory, and a sense of comfort – having a space that is entirely your own, that you and your family have grown up in. However, as the birds start to fly the nest, and a once packed home seems quiet and slightly empty, the idea of downsizing can start to seem more and more appealing. It can be hard to leave behind all that you hold dear in your home, but when the practicality of your home starts to outweigh the sentimental aspects, it is time to consider your options and the future ahead of you. Here are a few reasons why downsizing may be the best option for you.



You may have an abundance of friends and a very happy marriage/relationship with your significant other, but nothing will be able to fill the place in your home that your children have left. It is always known as soon as you hold your first baby in your arms that they grow up too fast, and many people try to slow down that process by having further children – but nothing can really prepare you for the day they move out. The pride of seeing your child as a fully grown adult making their way in the world helps to soothe the ache, however, it lingers there years after they start a family of their own. It can be nice sometimes to venture into the bedrooms that once made you shout at your children to tidy, however, it is important to remember you will make new memories in the property you downsize to. Nothing can take away those precious years, even moving house – but a too big and empty house can add to feelings of loneliness


Everyone’s wants and needs for their own retirement will be different, and you will already have a plan in place for your pension and how you will spend your days. However, if a relaxing and sunny filled retirement is what you desire – downsizing can help you to have just that. Not only will downsizing provide with a disposable pot of money that could be put towards a retirement holiday home or caravan, but it could also provide you with more facilities to do the things you enjoy. If you enjoy gardening, you can make sure your downsized home has a large garden you can spend your days pottering about in, or you can move closer to your friends to ensure ease of meeting up and enjoying yourselves. The possibilities are quite literally endless, so cater your downsize to your retirement desires.



You may be filled with a sense of dread at the idea of moving, as it becomes quite a monumental task when you enter into old age. However, a moving company such as myBekins, or similar will be able to help you through the entire process and ensure you are not left with too much on your plate. Similarly, this sense of practicality and how much you can handle needs to be applied to your home when considering downsizing. Do you find it difficult to carry out a full house clean,  or getting up and down the stairs? If this applies to you, then the older you get, the harder it will be to continue living in your current property. Thinking about what the future holds for you and what you will be capable of in years to come could be the deciding factor on whether you should downsize or not.  


Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought on why it may be best for you and your future to downsize, and ensure yourself a happy, smooth, and comfortable retirement.