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Smooth Interstate Moves

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things people have to do, and that can be even more so if you are moving a long distance, Relocating from one state to another will bring challenges that you had not thought of, but it can all go smoothly if you are properly prepared.


Only Take What You Need

When you have lived somewhere for a while you will have accumulated things you do not really need. Now is the time to get rid of them, so that you are only taking essentials with you. If you have boxes of items in your attic from the last time you moved, you really have to consider if you need to move them again.

Of course, there will be non-essential items that have sentimental value. However, you should not hang on to things because they might be useful one day, as that day has a habit of never turning up.

The best way to attack it is to go through each room. Have three boxes at the ready. In one put items you want to take with you, in another one things that you can pass to a charity store and the last one is for rubbish that needs to go in the bin. You may just be surprised how the two you are not taking with you fill up much quicker, especially when you empty your wardrobe of clothes.


Take Care With Your Packing

Taking care with your packing will pay huge dividends at the other end. Don’t just throw things into the boxes. With clothes, fold them properly and you will find that each box will hold more. With glass or fragile items, wrap each one individually. Drinking glasses or vases, for instance, should have screwed up paper put inside them, as that will help relieve any pressure from outside and can prevent cracking. The best thing to wrap them in then is packing paper or bubble wrap. Then it will not matter if you are thinking of moving to Cody, Wyoming from Baldwin, Florida or to Phoenix, Arizona from New York City, your breakables will get there in one piece.

Start with the heaviest items at the bottom of a box and get progressively lighter as it fills. Fill any space at the top with towels, table clothes or throws. If these have already all been packed do not just leave the space empty as that will let things move around. Use paper or bubble wrap to fill any gaps, so that your items are safe and secure.

On the outside of each box write nice and large which room it belongs to. This will make the job of sorting things in your new abode a lot easier. There may well be one or two items that are not in the right box because you have used up available space, but as long as most of it ends up in the rooms it should be before you open the boxes, the task in hand will be much simpler.


Secure Heavy Items

Any heavy items you have had placed in the back of the truck should be secured with straps to hold them in place in case the brakes have to be slammed on, or you are traveling up or down hills. Put these onto the truck first, and then put softer furnishings, such as sofas and armchairs around the sides of the space you have left. These should also be strapped into place.


If you have bikes or gym equipment to move, these should be strapped into place with the heavier items.


Any boxes you have packed can then be put in the middle and onto the furniture, but keep them as low and level as you can rather than a few of them being piled high to one side. They are less likely to fall and cause damage if the truck is loaded in this way.

Plan Your Route

Planning your route can be vital, as it is fine knowing the direction you have to head for, but what if you get lost on the way? Most smartphones have maps on them that will help to guide you along the roads, but they do not account for the fact you are in a truck and you could find that some roads are too narrow to safely navigate.

Download one of the apps meant for truck drivers, such as Trucker Path or Co-Pilot, just as examples, and you will not only have a route that trucks are safe to drive on you will also know where to find the cheapest fuel, where rest areas are and where there are stores to buy food and drink on your journey.


Share The Driving

Driving across 3 or 4 states to get to your new home will be very tiring, and you may lose concentration. This means you are more likely to take a wrong turn or have an accident on the way. To prevent this from happening, have a friend or family member with you that is happy to drive a truck, and split the driving between you.

It also helps to have someone to chat to on a long trip, and whichever one of you is not driving can help with the navigation.

The ideal is to swap places every 2 or 3 hours, but each time you stop to swap you should both have a rest and maybe a drink and a snack. You will both then be refreshed to continue on your way.


Make Your Interstate Move Easy

Except for the distance your goods are traveling, an interstate move should not be any more difficult than if you were moving to the other side of town. The same tips need to be followed for it to happen with as little hassle as possible, no matter how far away your new home is.

You could hire a removal company to do the job for you, but that can be very costly. Making the move yourself will not only be cheaper, you will be in control of the whole operation, and if the move has gone smoothly, have a great feeling of achievement.