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Tips to Renovate Old Properties in Sydney

Sometimes people are halfway through their renovation when they discover they should have painted the walls of their house before laying the floors. Or that the wiring should have been completed before the ceiling work started. Whenever renovating your property, make sure you follow a checklist to ensure the renovation is done without much stress and mess.

Either you are renovating the house you already live in, or you’re renovating an old property that you have bought and want to move in there, it always pays to work according to a checklist. This way there is complete transparency as to what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. The work is just carried out in the right order with efficiency.


Design and Planning

Try to keep everything simple and be as final as you can when it comes to making decisions. In fact, make sure you’ve made all the important renovation decisions before starting the work because when you make changes to designing and materials during the renovation process, it delays the whole project and adds costs to your budget.


Decide If You Will Do the Work or Hire a Project Manager

Renovating isn’t one of those DIY projects you would like to do all by yourself. It will really give you a tough time. There’s just a lot to do and manage. So, it’s better to hire a licensed project manager who can ensure a proper workflow and can do the renovation according to the Australian standards.

What You Must Buy

Make a list of all those things that you need to buy. This would include hot water systems, heating or cooling equipment, weatherboards, roof tiles, plumbing equipment and wiring. Be warned, these items can be costly and can disrupt your whole budget. Then there are cosmetic items to decorate your property, like paintings, tapware, kitchen, flooring, tiling, storage, wardrobes, fencing, and landscaping.

The Order of Work

The basic rule of renovating a property is to start from the top to the bottom of any room. Always start with the ceilings. Then do the walls, and then the floors. Here are a few things that you need to be careful about. You need to make sure all the designing work has been completed before the renovation work initiates. If you want to hire an interior designer then do that and discuss the design plan for your house. If you want, you can contact Advantage Interior Design for their professional services in this regard. They can take care of all the decorative work.

Renovating a property to make it look modern and new is an interesting project. However, it usually ends up costing you more than you had expected. Contractors in Sydney say that no matter what property you are renovating and what renovation style you are pursuing, the last 20 percent of the project takes the longest time and costs you the most. Thus, it is important that you plan and carry out the renovation project diligently by following your budget and checklist.