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The Truth Behind Why Location Really Matters

Everyone knows the famous old saying loved by estate agents around the world: location, location, location. It’s no secret that this is the number one concern when thinking about buying a home, selling a home, or even just moving into rented accommodation. But, as well-known as this is, it is much far less known why it is actually the case. The truth is that there are many different reasons why location might matter so much, and looking into these reasons can actually give us a pretty interesting and informative insight into what people are looking for in property, and what that might mean for someone looking to buy, sell, move or invest. In this article, we will look in detail at what it is that makes location the number one factor in any property, and what this can mean for you.



One of the main reasons that you should always concern yourself with the location of a property is that it is the number one indicator of what kind of value the property is likely to hold. Understanding this is key to ensuring that you can make money from your properties, if that is what you are thinking of doing. Bu even if you are just buying a home for yourself, or thinking of renting, understanding this relationship between value and location is hugely important. It will ensure that you can make a much more sensible decision, and that you will be able to appreciate much more why it is that you should always thoroughly research the location of any property you might be interested in. The better you start to understand this, the more luck you are likely to have with your properties in the future.

Intrigue & Exoticism

Sometimes, the most important reason behind why a particular location is relevant to a property is that it is an intriguing, exciting or exotic place to be. The more unique and fascinating a particular location is, the more popular the properties in that place will be. This obviously affects value and desirability hugely, so it is always worth thinking about this when you are looking into a number of locations you might want to buy property within – or even if you are just thinking of renting. Consider the example of the especially exotic location, such as the Bahamas for instance. Because these are viewed all over the world as being particularly marvellous places to be, you can be sure that any property there is going to be considerably more popular than if the same property were somewhere else in the world. This is vital to remember when you are in any stage of buying or renting a property, as you can be sure that it is going to have a huge effect. Likewise if you are thinking of selling, you can leverage this kind of factor to your advantage greatly by making a point of it in your advertising and marketing. You should know that Abaco real estate is likely to be able to offer you more than in many other places, and that you should alter your pricing accordingly. The more intriguing a place is, the more that you can stand to gain from having a property there.



Something else that can be important about location is the issue of safety. It goes without saying that some areas are safer than others, and this obviously has a huge effect on the desirability of that place, which in turn affects the property itself. Because there is not much that you can do about the safety of the local area, you should bear in mind that you should expect this to affect the cost and likely popularity of a property. Although you can’t change the local area, you can simply look into other areas, and that is generally what you might be thinking of doing if you run into this problem yourself. Clearly, anyone wants to know that they are in a safe area, so there is no reason why this wouldn’t affect the likely value of a property and the amount of people who are likely to be interested in it. This is important to remember when you are selling in particular, as if you find yourself with a property in an unsafe area, you will need to ensure that your pricing reflects this in due course. Safety is always going to be a huge concern for people, so there is not much getting around how and why it affects a property – whichever side of the buying and selling equation you might happen to be on.


Wherever you might be in the world, there is a certain degree of culture happening around you, and this is something which can also affect the value of a house too. If your house happens to be situated somewhere where there is a lot going on, then it will automatically increase in value compared to an equivalent house somewhere where there is not much happening at all. At a very basic and stripped down level, this goes some way to explaining why city properties are very often more costly than their country counterparts, and it is something that is worth thinking about if you are interested in understanding how location affects location and why. The more of a thorough understanding you have of this, the more likely it is that you will be able to charge the right cost for a property you own in such an area, or know what kinds of prices to accept if you are buying or renting. The surrounding culture is always going to make a difference, and you should endeavour to understand this as well as possible.

The above are all ways in which location affects a property, and it is absolutely a good idea to make sure that you understand them all as intimately as you can. Do that, and you will be well equipped to deal with properties in a much more stable and secure manner, which will in turn mean that you can be in a better financial position yourself.