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Wait, Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

You might be struggling to sell your home on the market, and if that’s the case, you’re probably wondering why? What’s going wrong? Taking a look at your home, you probably feel that it’s in quite a good shape. More than that, it might actually look rather stylish and could be a brilliant opportunity for new families and young couples. Why then, is it not budging on the market. Well, there are a variety of reasons why a home might not sell. Let’s look at a few and make sure you know how to deal with them.


You Have A Dog

Believe it or not, this can be enough to make people think twice about buying a property. They won’t inform you of this when they are on the property. They might even be quite friendly with your furry friend, petting it and even playing with it. But once they leave, they are wondering how long it will take to get rid of the dog smell once they move in, whether the damage done to the garden is going to be difficult to repair and how clean your floors really are. As such, if you do have a dog, you might want to think about putting it somewhere else when you show your home. Perhaps take it to a neighbors home or a family friend and make sure you cover up any potential smell.


Price Is Too High

It’s also possible that your home is just at a price that is far too high on the market. There are many homes on the market with prices well beyond where they should be. Now, it’s important to be aware this doesn’t mean that the house isn’t worth that asking price. Rather, that the current state of the market won’t support it. How much is your house worth? You can find this out by getting it valued, and this will help you determine what price you should expect on the market.


Wrong Advertisements

To get a home to sell, you need to make sure that you are advertising it in the right way. A lot of people think that once your home is online these days, that’s your job done. But don’t be too sure. Sometimes it helps to invest in other forms of advertisements beyond the online and even if it costs more money. You’ll have a better chance of getting your home seen by a wider audience if you do this. Not everyone is reliant on the online listings to find the right home.


Bad Feelings

Lastly, a lot of people assume that the only thing that matters in the home sale is the house itself. This is not the case, and you do have to take into consideration how you handle things yourself. You need to be friendly with a warm, welcoming attitude. If you can’t do this, it’s probably best to just hand over the keys to the estate agents and let them take over. The wrong feeling could definitely stop a buyer making an offer.