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Getting Great Construction in Medford

Oregon’s economy has had more than its share of boom and bust in the last 50 years, but the remains of the 90s tech boom still remain and are seeing another growth area, the construction industry. Oregon is in the top 20 states with the highest medium income and has a gross domestic product of over $200 billion.

What this all means is that there are a lot of dodgy construction firms around taking advantage of this potentially lucrative environment. Unfortunately, because homeowners may face delays in finding a contractor who can get started on their new build, there can be a temptation to hire someone just because they are available, regardless of their experience, expertise or of your own gut feeling.

Choosing The Right Construction Firm For Your Project

In the age of the internet, the first thing we do is do a Google search for a new home builder or something similar, and then start clicking links. This is a great way to easily check out a contractors’ portfolio and what type of work they are able to do. As an example, have a look at this Medford contractor: Just by looking at their website you can get an idea of what sort of projects they specialize in.

Yes, they’re obviously going to be able to build anything that you have plans drawn up for as they are licensed professionals, but when you look through their portfolio and gallery you can see that the work they do is of a high standard and well finished. If you are after someone who is just going to knock up a rough woodshed for you then this is probably not the building firm you are after, and you might continue looking for someone who is a little less focused on quality.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the top five firms, have a look at their social media and see not only what gallery images they have put up, but much of the time they will also put up casual pictures of work in progress, which is actually an excellent indicator of the level of care that they take on a job site. Of course, you also have the opportunity to see any reviews or complaints, and how they handle those.

Making Sure You Have A Legal Structure

Your first question should be to ask what their Construction Contractors Board (CCB) registration number is (see here). All contractors must be registered to legally be allowed to undertake any work within Medford, or elsewhere in the greater area. Without a current license, if you do hire them, you are playing with fire, and if anything goes wrong (now or in the future) that is the result of the contractors’ work, then you are going to find yourself liable for the costs.

How can you tell the building firm is licensed with the CCB? They will tell you. It will be on their website and any business cards. If it’s not, they either have a really bad designer, or they aren’t currently licensed, and you might want to ask them why.

Contractors also need surety insurance and general liability insurance.

In addition to the contractor’s legal requirements, your home build will also need a range of appropriate inspections and permits. However, your builder should be able to help you with this, making sure that your plans will get approval and working with your architect to ensure that what they have designed for you is what you are going to have built.

Building Material Choices

One last thing to think about when you are designing and hiring is what you will be building your beautiful new home out is designed to allow for a little movement.

As Oregon is in a high earthquake risk zone, you need to make sure that your home is designed to allow for a little movement and that your builder knows what they are doing as far as building something that will stand strong in the face of a little shake.

Although wood frames are usually preferred, new technology is coming out every year that increases the safety rating of houses and improves your family’s chances of coming away from a natural disaster unscathed.