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How to Create Space and Light In Your Back Garden

When the weather turns warmer and we enjoy more sunshine hours, we often think about improving our outdoor living. Of course, the house is where the heart lives, but what if you could extend that feeling of security and be supported to your garden? If you have a backyard that is tired looking and dark, chances are that you will need to open it up to the sunshine and make it more uplifting. Here are some ideas to get started.


Cut Back Hedges and Trees

If your back garden is not the size you want it to be, chances are that you will have to make the most out of every square yard. If you have overhanging bushes, hedges, or trees, you will need to talk to a tree surgeon to cut them back professionally. Privacy hedges are great, but if they take off more than a foot from your perimeter, you have a problem to deal with.

Creative Fencing Solutions

If you don’t want to sit in the shade all the time, you can get a hedge that lets at least a little light and sunshine through without compromising your privacy. You will be able to get reed fencing installed on your picket fence, or even see through panels that will give you the privacy, break the wind, but still give you the feeling of security and not being overlooked by your neighbors. You can also get some outdoor plants to provide shade.

Get Rid of That Old Shed

Sometimes we hold on to too many things that we don’t need. If you have a garage or shed that you are just keeping because it has always been there and has no function at all, or it is right in the middle of your garden, you will need to make a decision and get rid of it. Search for demolition services in your region, and find the right company that will clear up your garden and opens up your space.  

Build a Patio

To enhance your outdoor living, you can also build a patio where you can control the light and shade when you enjoy some fresh air. There are plenty of patio ideas you can save online and make the most out of; from real stone to decking.  You can also get your shading just the way you like it, as you will be able to order custom canopies and parasols.

Get a Landscape Gardener

If you know that you need more space in your garden, but don’t have any ideas on how to get it done, you will need to find a landscape gardener. They will be able to spot the hidden space you can utilize in your garden and make the most out of your budget, too. Chances are that just by moving some things around you can have the outdoor space you have always dreamt of.

Making the most out of your garden is not easy. Get professional help, look through blogs and articles, and save some images to your pinboard to create your perfect outdoor living space.