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How to find the Right Buyers Agent?

Purchasing a new home is supposed to be an exciting period in the life of potential homeowners, but somehow for most of them, it turns out to be a nightmare. The endless search for properties that match your needs in terms of location, space, and price, can be quite exhausting and still provide no results.

Therefore, if you don’t wish to go through this stressful home quest or you’re stuck in the middle of your search, with no realistic prospects of finding a house any time soon, you’d better hire a buyer’s agent. This representative would use its knowledge and negotiating skills to find you the best possible home for the proposed price.

These tips will help you hire the best buyer’s agent in your area.

Check for a license

The initial step of selection should be done by checking whether your potential candidates have a proper license, which denotes having attended and completed a special course, providing them with the knowledge they need for the job. This license also indicates that the agents are performing their job in a completely legal manner. You can either ask the candidates to provide proof of the license or check the online list of licensed buyers’ agents in your local region.

Moreover, this list does not only provide you with an insight on the representatives who are doing their job legally, but also on the ones which don’t. Although they have the required license, some of their previous clients might have filed a complaint against them, thus casting suspicion on their credibility and reputation.

In addition, if some of the candidates have attained a realtor certificate it means that they have become specialists in buying certain types of properties or working with particular age groups. Thus, you might find a realtor who has specialized in the kind of property you aim to purchase.

Also, the ones who have won some awards in the real estate field should be certainly considered as a better choice, as these professionals must have invested quite a lot of effort to climb up on the scale of success.  Visit this page to see which steps are agents required to take in order to become realtors.

Consult with previous clients

The most efficient way of checking your potential buyer’s agent reputation is by asking for a list of all the previous clients the particular candidate had in the past. Every professional who has nothing to hide and is proud of its results would gladly provide you with names and contact information on various former clients.

Your job would be to get in touch with all the people on the list, preferably by phone or even better in person. It’s better to hear the voice or see the expressions of the person in order to inspect its opinion of the realtor while you pose the questions.

For instance, ask them whether the buyer’s agent managed to live up to their expectations by finding a house within their price range which matched their preferences. Anyone can find an expensive property that suits your needs, but only a real professional would be capable of negotiating a good price.

Another way of inspecting credibility is by reading online reviews of previous clients which are posted on the realtors’ websites or on some objective review sites. Nevertheless, don’t trust everything you read, as some people are simply keen on looking for a needle in a haystack, regardless of the hard work which the agent did. Don’t trust negative reviews unless they’re more numerous than the positive ones.

Schedule interviews

It’s essential to conduct several interviews prior to deciding which candidate is the right choice for you. You need to ask the right interview questions in order to get a better grasp of the candidate’s experience, availability, and expertise.

For instance, one of your main questions should be regarding their experience in the field. You certainly wouldn’t like to hire a person who is a novice or working as a buyer representative is his/her second job. Make sure the one you hire has enough years of experience and is fully dedicated to the profession.

Also, you need a professional who has worked with the type of property you wish to purchase before. This person will already know everything there is to know about finding your particular type of house and he/she has to be highly knowledgeable on all the properties in your area.

Lastly, make sure the candidate is available to reach whenever you need to consult with him/her. You should be able to get in touch by phone, e-mail or text messages. Stay away from realtors who ignore your calls and messages, as it’s a clear sign of unreliability.

Ask for a three-month contract

Purchasing a new house might take longer than you’ve planned. Although you plan to hire a representative to do the job for you, you can’t expect him/her to perform a magic trick and find you a matching property in just a few weeks.

However, in order to protect yourself from buyers who simply take too long to find you a house, ask for a three-month contract, in which you’ll be able to assess their expertise. For example, if you notice that the representative is trying hard, but a good offer just doesn’t seem to come along, then you’d renew the contract. On the other hand, in case the realtor doesn’t try to find potential houses, you’ll just wait for the contract to terminate and look for another candidate.

Bear in mind that reputable buyers’ representatives, such as, won’t make any problem when it comes to signing this type of contract. Some of them might even offer you a trial period in order to persuade you in their skills prior to signing anything.

Wrap up

Regardless of how desperate your search for a new home is, hiring a buyer’s agent will make your worries go away.

You’ll get the house you’ve always dreamed of!