Flipping Houses 101 is a real estate investment firm that leverages sophisticated market knowledge, technology, outstanding design, and elite home renovations for exceptional profits...time and time again.

As one of the top real estate investment firms in North America, Flipping Houses 101 has a convenient and flexible platform for our investors. We don’t have an investment minimum of several millions of dollars like typical hedge funds or private equity firms. We give our investors the opportunity to start on a deal-by-deal basis. As returns are secured, the option is given to continue forward on the same sized deals or expand into more lucrative profit margins. This is all done while keeping a meticulous eye on risk management and making our acquisitions with room for highly desirable margins.

We select prime opportunities for you

Our vast network of realtors and property advisors give us a plethora of great investment opportunities to choose from.

You decide your level of investment

Confer with your constituents and advisors to decide on a budget, and we’ll start searching for properties that best suit your needs.

We sign a joint venture agreement

We’ll send you any and all documentation electronically, so you can be confident in your investment.

We list and sell the property

We’ll list, market, and sell the property ourselves. From open houses to strategically placed advertisements.

We map the plan of action and expected profits

We develop a plan of action, run the numbers, calculate the risk, and determine what the ROI will be for each investment opportunity.

You select the property to invest in

We’ll give you a list of property investments within your budget, and all the details you need to decide which option is best for you.

We run all aspects of the home flip

From construction and renovations to interior design and contracting, we’ll handle everything and make sure the property is ready to sell.

Your capital and profits are distributed

We’ll handle the distribution of profits, pay all necessary taxes or fees, and make sure that the money gets to you and your shareholders.

Then we begin a new cycle with a recalibration of goals.


Turn-key Real Estate Investment

We also offer turn-key real estate investment through more rapid flips that can be completed within as short as a three-month hold. These deals are less frequent, but they do come up for time to time as we scour the markets 365 days a year for opportunities as your real estate investment advisor and dedicated dealmaker.

DIY Real Estate Investment

Our most lucrative and desirable form of real estate investment services deal with buying & selling undervalued or under appreciated assets in markets that are proven to have high desirability. We often double the dollar per square foot values of our subject properties through smart additions, like adding large open living spaces and master bedrooms.


Once we have thoroughly reviewed our target property together and would like to take action, we solidify the relationship with a simply JV Agreement.  You make your investment, Flipping Houses does all of the heavy lifting, dealing with every aspect of the purchase, permits, improvements, and sales. This form of real estate investment partnership is a win-win, zero stress for you as an investor, and a clear path for Flipping Houses to do what we do best.


Unlike investing in the stock of a public company or other paper assets, your capital is protected by buying in an undervalued position of a Hard Asset. On a weekly basis, we post improvement updates with countless images of progression as you watch the full value of your investment transform.