The element of design is the icing on the cake on any rehab project. The creative ways a designer can showcase a particular space determines the emotional reaction tenants have when they see the property for the first time.


Our expert team of designers knows that different projects require different styles and are keenly aware of the local market and what is selling and what isn’t.  We know that designing a home to sell is much more than installing new appliances or picking a warm and welcoming wall color. It is about analyzing the property’s strengths and using creative techniques to enhance them. Real estate and flipping houses is such a personal industry, and we believe there is no room for cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all design.

We add tremendous value through:

  • Thinking outside of the box for design services
  • Focusing on unique ways to use design elements to relate to the buyers on an emotional level
  • Collaborating with real estate agents, contractors, and investors to ensure that buyers see the home in its best light and that it is all done within budget.
  • Creating a custom design plan for each property to highlight its specific strengths
  • Maintaining open and transparent lines of communication to ensure you feel involved in each step of the process


We are proud to present you our latest projects that have behind
a great team and hard work, but very satisfied clients.