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Painters Helping Homeowners in Denver with Tips for Interior Painting

A quality paint job could be the finishing touch that your home deserves, and for this, you need just the right hands. While finding a painter for your home may not be a difficult task, the challenge lies in finding one with just the right touch. But while it may not be the same in many other areas, there are painters in Denver who are assisting homeowners on how to go about their painting job. 

How to Find Them

Gone are the days when you need to go through the phonebooks to find addresses of service providers near you. Nowadays, it is as easy as typing a simple search query into Google. But before you go hiring just anyone online, you want to take note of some of the following tips to help you find the best handyman for your painting job. 

·      Do your research 

The first thing to do is a background check on your painter before you hire them. You want to ask around about their services, or if hiring online, look at reviews from other clients. It is a great place to find out first-hand information about what to expect when you use their services. 

·      Conduct an Interview 

You want to find out from your painter about how they intend to carry out the project. Even though you are providing everything from the paints to the brushes and scaffolds, you want them to enlighten you on what they intend bringing to the table. It is equally a good time to talk about all the extra details regarding the job, such as how long it will take the project to last. 

·      Ask for their portfolio

The best painters usually keep a photo journal of their past jobs to show to prospective clients, and you should ask them to provide one. If they are serious about landing the post, you can be sure they would have a few for you to examine. You want to go over many samples, so you get to see their different approaches and designs.  

·      Ask for a free estimate 

Before hiring a painter, you want to ask for a free estimate to know how much the job will cost. Many professional painters like the guys at Imperial Painters Denver Co have the painting estimate option available on their site. So you can find out the total expenses of the project and plan accordingly.

·      Ensure they are Licensed 

A painter without a certified license may be cheaper than one who is, but hiring one may cost you more at the end of the day. First of all, they are not registered with the local authorities and thus haven’t passed any form of formal screening. So you cannot be sure they have the necessary skills to carry out the job. 

Now you know how to hire a painter for your home, let’s quickly run up on some home exterior and interior painting tips. 

Tips on Home Exterior Painting 

A new coat can bring life to the dingiest of home exteriors, so you want to choose wisely. The color you use is entirely up to you, but you want to consider a few things when picking exterior paints for your home. 

·      Decide on the type  

As you may already be aware, there are different types of paint, and you would have to choose one or a combination for your home. You get to decide between a flat, gloss, semi-gloss, or a satin finish for the outside of your home. But whichever you pick, you should know that they each have their pros and cons. While glossy paints shine brightly, they will not be great for exterior jobs since they reveal imperfections than others. You can read up on the different paint types you can use for your home below. 

·      Consider the weather 

Before you carry out painting on your home exterior, you want to take into consideration the weather conditions. Ideally, it is best to leave painting jobs for the middle of the year between July and September, where the heat will dry it off quickly. Doing it any other time, especially during the rainy months, may not be the best idea. Excess moisture could wash off the paint and result in a complete waste of time and resources. 

·      Use a Scaffold 

It doesn’t matter if you will be doing the painting yourself or hiring a professional, you need to ensure they use a scaffold. Hanging from the side of a building on a ladder may not be the best way to paint a home exterior. It can be tiring to have to move the ladder every time you finish a section and let’s not forget that you can also fall off too. So if you want to reduce the chances of an accident when painting your home, you should provide a scaffold. 

Tips for Painting Home Interior 

The good thing about an interior painting job is that you can do it anytime. At night, as long as you’ve got bright lights and winter, so long as the heater is on. But just so we are clear, here are a few painting tips for your home interior 

·      Use Bright Colors 

Your home interior needs proper lighting, and brightly colored paint could do the magic. And if you are quite the handyman who loves to get his hands dirty, you can check here for how to pick the best colors for your home. 

·      Clear out Items of Furniture 

If you are adding a new coat to the inside of your house, you want to clear out your furniture first. You can make use of plastic wrapping to secure your couch, chairs, and dining set. A tape can help hide sections where you don’t want the paint stain. Most of the best painting services provide a means of securing your walls and ceilings when carrying out their job. But just in case you decide to go solo, do ensure you avoid spilling paint all over the place. 

Now that you know how to hire a handyman and a few tips on painting your home, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a painter in Denver or any other part of the country.