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What Does a MERV Rating Mean?

MERV ratings or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values has been used to measure the quality of air filters in most HVAC systems. Specifically, it is used to rate the filtration power of a certain filter. The rating scale ranges from 1-20, but each of them has its uses. How will you know which one would be best for your needs?

You all know that HVAC systems are a lifesaver, especially in extreme temperatures. In the earlier days, there just so little that people can do in these situations. For the cold, you can light a fire and tend it for a long time. However, there will come a time wherein you would run out of timber or other types of fuel and you will have to look for more. One the other hand, the heat can be unbearable and the only way through is to just stay in your homes. If there is a large body of water nearby, then you can cool down there. Read this article for more tips on cooling off.

How this Temperature Controller Changed the World

The introduction of HVAC systems in homes has been met with a warm welcome. It has made a difference in a lot of homes. Many families do not even need to worry about the extreme temperatures mentioned before. It has changed the interior design of a lot of homes as well. Before, fireplaces are a standard even in the commoner’s homes. With the introduction of modern buildings, the need for one has diminished.

However, there were a lot of issues with the earlier versions of air conditioners and heaters. Since they did use chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), it has been cited as a contribution to global warming. It has been categorized as a greenhouse gas ever since, and now outlawed in most manufacturing industries around the world. Now, most of these manufacture boats that they do not use these harmful chemicals anymore. Some of them even developed HVAC systems that have lower energy consumption.

Now, there is one part of the entire system that is often overlooked: the air filtration system. Not all systems have this one. Sometimes, it is even separated from the heating and cooling portions of the HVAC. However, here in the West, it is usually a part of the entire set and helps with the temperature control as well. It should be an essential part of any household, and people should start investing with them. Read more about it works here:

One of the reasons why you should is overall health benefits. We all need air to breathe, but the quality of air matters as well. It should be as clean as possible, without any traces of chemicals or other substances that can potentially harm us. However, it is virtually impossible to inhale completely clean air as everything around us releases particles that could contaminate it. Dust and pollen are potentially harmless, but it can be for someone with health issues like asthma and allergies.

This is where the power of air filtration comes in. It keeps all of the particles away and makes the air clean around the house as much as possible. However, not all of them are created equal and that is where the MERV rating comes in. As there are 20 levels, there are only a few that are used in the process of filtration. First off though, let us differentiate the lower levels.


Ratings and What They Mean

1-4 – These are usually not used in most modern filtration systems since these are not very effective. They have larger holes which can only separate larger particles like pollen and dust. However, they can be useful in certain scenarios like you only want to have temporary filters as these are mostly disposable.

5-8 – This is just an improved version of the previous kind. This is just differentiated by its pleated surface, which makes it more efficient for smaller particles. Also, this is commonly used in most buildings and places since it is effective while still being affordable. If you are allergic to dog or cat fur, this one can be for you. Also, this is the more common one since it does the job for most residential houses.

9-12 – On the other hand, if you are looking for something more complex, then choose something between these numbers. It can filter finer dust particles like lead which makes them so much better than 5-8. They might cost a lot, but if you have very sensitive needs then these are worth it. If you choose one of these, the chances of any allergen entering your home are very low.

13-20 – These are for industrial and business purposes. The higher the number goes, the finer the filter gets. Some of the higher spectra can even filter out viruses and bacteria. These make them perfect for laboratories and food industries. However, these are rarely found in homes and it can be rather expensive as well. Meanwhile, there are residential air filters that go as high as 15 so you may want to look for that.